1) Standing Committee on Power System Planning for Southern Region
2) Indian Energy Exchange
3) FTP Site of Indian Energy Exchange
4) Power Exchange India Limited
1) Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
2) Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission
3) Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
4) Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission
5) Kerala Electricity Regulatory Commission
1) Central Electricity Authority
2) Sothern Region Power Committee
3) Eastern Region Power Committee
4) Nothern Region Power Committee
5) Ministry Of Power
1) National Load Dispatch Center
2) Forum of Load Dispatchers (FOLD)
3) Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center
4) Southern Regional Load Dispatch Center(alternate)
5) Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Center
6) Northern Regional Load Dispatch Center
7) Western Regional Load Dispatch Center
8) North Eastern Regional Load Dispatch Center
1) Andhra Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.
2) Andhra Generation Corporation Ltd.
1) Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd
2) Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd
Kerala State Electricity Board
Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd.
National Thermal Power Corporation
National Hydro Power Corporation
Power Trading Corporation
Tata Energy Reasearch Institute
Central Power Research Institute